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We Improve Conversion & Maximize Digital ROI

Guild Media Group is Vancouver’s data driven digital performance marketing agency focused on all aspects of conversion. With a  strategy first approach, we deliver results by leveraging customer data through advertising technology, marketing services and advanced analytics to drive conversion and maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Why we exist

Simply put, we’re obsessed with performance, love business and are constantly blown away by what digital can provide for business owners everywhere. Every action we take is a strategic iteration building on previous experience and learning. Apart from performing, these are the three questions we’re always asking:


  • Are we delivering on our promises?
  • Are there additional opportunities for growth?
  • Is everyone involved winning?

As an audience driven content marketing agency, everything we do is tailored to your ideal customer and their unique buying journey.

Leading with amazing content and following with a customized digital marketing strategy, we leverage channels like Social Media, PR, SEO, PPC, Email (and others of course) to create brand awareness, educate prospects, and drive profitable acquisition for our B2B and B2C clients.

Digital Marketing Services for

Digital Marketing Services for

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