Easy Answer: You could be missing traffic numbers.

Here’s what happens:
You’ve probably noticed by now that some websites have abandoned that old ‘www.’ prefix – like guildmediagroup.com for example.

The thing is, at some point when you’re website was developed, someone made the decision to go with or without the ‘www.’
When they did, they set your website up to prevent any traffic from going to the wrong version of the url, and made sure search engines don’t list the wrong version in search results either.

Want to guess who ignores this? Go on, I’ll wait.

It’s You.

For example if you setup a Google+ business page (which you should), then someone (maybe Janice in accounting?) might accidentally enter the wrong url for your website (damnit Janice!). When that happens, Google’s Search Console, that nice place you go to see where your clicks come from, starts recording clicks for an entirely different property.

But then it gets worse.

The information in your Google+ page is pulled in to your Google Maps information.
Your Google Maps information is often displayed on top of your search results when people are looking for your brand… and it’s got the wrong url. That’s a whole lot of clicks on the wrong URL.

The good news is, your customers are still going to find you. The bad news is, the data is incomplete and the tracking for those clicks in Google Search Console is gone. This matters as Google Analytics has become an unreliable source for understanding what people search for when they find you. Google Search Console is where you find that information and why a complete data set is important!

So take a look around, check your Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram… whatever you got. It’s worth double-checking all the links you’ve put out into the world to make sure they are reported on properly, and your SEO team is getting the credit it deserves.