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Business to Business

We Drive Leads that Convert

We systematically grow revenue by focusing on the customer’s path to purchase. With each of our clients, we are partners in every sense of the word. This partnership is grounded in a mutual belief that sustainable growth requires tact, integrity and intention. Our interest is simple: return on investment. We focus on optimizing your entire funnel, tracking each improvement and dollar spent to provide clarity every step of the way. How? With strategically curated and distributed content, we acquire the right audience, nurture them in the middle and convert them into sales qualified leads.

Your Digital Success Starts Here

Step 1: Success Metrics

World class athletes, successful business people and achievers all have one thing in common – they set goals. Goal setting provides long-term direction and short term motivation for all activities. It focuses the enterprise, the acquisition of knowedge and sets the precedent for how to organize time and priorities. What is your goal? Generate more leads? Build awareness or loyalty? With our skill set in digital and clear business objectives, we define key performance indicators and monthly performance benchmarks.

Step 2: User’s Path to Purchase

Who are we talking to and how do they find themselves looking for what you have to offer? With unique persona’s and their path to purchase identified – we gain comprehensive perspective which empowers the set up of your future content strategy. If persona’s aren’t already in place, we can solve that too.

Step 3: Content Audit

Businesses and their competitor’s have a big library of content, even if it’s not immediately obvious. With an understanding of your audience and their path to purchase, we look both at your business’s content and your competitors. With a full view of what we’re working with and what can be re-purposed, we plan out the remainder of your content strategy.

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Step 4: Content Strategy

With the completion of all three prior steps, we have a clear foundation to formulate a content strategy necessary to: Teach, Provide and Convert your online audience. What becomes clear here are the next steps in generating awareness, increasing traffic and driving overall acquisition. Key deliverables at this stage are team responsibilities, production capacity and an editorial calendar.

Step 5: Content Production

With strategy, team and content production responsibilities clear and approved – we move into production. The engine starts moving and content begins flowing through the selected channels. Quality content pays dividends as education nurtures leads who may not be immediately ready to engage your team.

Step 6: Distribution

Not all content should exist on-site. Be it ads or sponsored content, we identify key influencers and networks within the ripples of our content strategy and begin building. Partnerships start organically as mutually beneficial opportunities arise. The foundation for ongoing analysis and optimization is in place.

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Step 7: Reporting

Reporting is where all the work connects. Are we on track? Are we performing at the level we intended?  All great questions that are reported on monthly in support of our success metrics.The most exciting step as it enables our teams to collaboratively decide what’s working and what’s not so we can continually focus on activities that generate real results.


Step 8: Conversion Optimization

Where the winning moment matters most. With strategic content moving through the organization, we monitor and report on the success metrics. Fueled with the insight from all previous steps, we leverage this information to provide insight into next steps within our partnership while also empowering your leadership team with key information for better decision making online and offline.

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