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Capture, Educate and Convert your visitors

Customer acquisition in the digital age is a fascinating subject. An efficient and scalable B2C strategy demands a long-term mindset and a focus on what truly matters to your customer. B2C content marketing puts the focus on your customers and generating revenue, not one or the other nor a sole focus on boosting keyword rankings. Our process continually generates holistic long-term customer-centric strategies and solutions that work.

Your eCommerce Success Starts Here

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Step 1: Audience Identification

Guild Media Groups’s research process utilizes real data to identify your business’ target audience. With this model, our team continually develops audiences profiles based on your real customers, determined through qualitative and quantitative data. In addition, we map out the audience’s’ journey to purchase, which allows our team to gain a unique perspective on your customers – providing a solid path for the content strategy foundation.

Step 2: Content Audit

A thorough review of your existing content identifies the stages of the buying cycle that have missed opportunities and lack relevant content. From this point, Guild Media Group’s team pours over your business’ style guides, existing content and that of your competition. Empowered with a complete view of what we’re working with an the opportunity launch your business forward creating on-brand content, every single time that fill strategic gaps in your customer’s journey.

Step 3: Content & Digital Strategy

Using your audience and content audit as a guide, our team identifies the content you need to capture, educate, convert, and retain your ideal customer. Allowing us to build a digital marketing strategy that generates brand awareness, increases traffic, and optimizes customer acquisition. From influencer outreach, to contests, and everything in between, we laser-focus on the content types that resonate most with your ideal audience, driving meaningful engagement.

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Step 4: Nurture Prospects

Prospective customers venture online to research and empower their buying decision. A very different journey than a retail store where the buying decision happens on the spot and 30-40% of visitors leave as customers. Which means there’s a ton of revenue up for grabs when focus is placed on nurturing visitors. Using cutting edge technology and tools, we nurture the prospects that we’ve attained through our content strategy and pushed initiatives. Guild Media Group provides the latest in data analysis, reporting, and strategical implementation.

Step 5: Closing the Deal

With great content at each stage of your customers path to purchase, converting has never been easier. Material that assists in the research of your visitor drives targeted conversions. We measure our results through robust analytics and client-specific reports. Our team custom-tailors every business’ report structure and data to align perfectly with your business’ unique demands.

Step 6: Creating Brand Advocates

With a focus on educating and retaining your customers who have already converted, leads to repeat customers, referrals and amplified Customer Lifetime Value. With tools like re-marketing and post-purchase support, we’re able to stay in communication with your customers evolving demands, transforming them into brand champions.


Step 7: Reporting

Reporting is where all the work connects. Are we on track? Are we performing at the level we intended?  All great questions that are reported on monthly in support of our success metrics.The most exciting step as it enables our teams to collaboratively decide what’s working and what’s not so we can continually focus on activities that generate real results.

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