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Content Marketing

Our Success-driven approach targets and powerfully impacts the entire customer journey.

Our intent in every content marketing campaign is straightforward: deliver a positive ROI. Through our content services we optimize the entire sales funnel. We strategically craft content to evoke the intended emotion from the targeted individual at exactly the right moment and support the desired action. Blending your customer’s journey with your sales funnel in this manner delivers qualified leads that are nurtured in the middle and converting at the end.

The focus is on the entire funnel, giving your business the opportunity to join customer’s on their journey through the funnel. We strive to increase brand awareness, drive more inbound traffic, generate more qualified leads, convert more of those leads into real business all while increasing overall satisfaction and retention for every client we partner with. An equal value exchange for all parties involved.


Step 1: Success Metrics

Our five step process is used to solidify what data will measure the success of our project. Whether your goal is to generate more qualified leads, or build awareness and loyalty; our skillset in digital marketing allows us to set key performance indicators, as well as monthly performance benchmarks. Our success metrics outline objectives, goals and performance with clarity and consistency.

Step 2: Persona’s & Customer Journey Map

Content marketing requires a deep understanding of your customers and what drives their behaviour. With persona development and mapping the customer journey, we continually research and analyze industry and consumers so we have up-to-date data on your customers behave online. With these insights we understand where your customer’s are asking their questions and strategically place content to support them at every stage of their journey.

Vetting Existing Personas

Buyer behaviour is constantly changing and evolving – have the persona’s you have in place kept up? A customer’s unique journey should be revisited regularly and checked for congruency. Our team reviews, researches and updates marketing collateral created around the updated personas.

New Personas

We Work with your sales team to collect primary research data and identify who your customers are now. Then we go to work by reviewing the digital landscape for your industry, search engine trends and your competition. Persona development is the foundation of highly effective audience targeting.

Persona development is the foundation of highly effective audience targeting.

Step 3: Content Audit

The content audit process is where the team at Guild Media Group educates themselves on your brand guidelines. We pour over your style guides, previous content and relevant collateral to ensure we’re creating on-brand content, every single time.

Content Inventory

Businesses typically have an abundance of existing content. In our audit we want to examine what stages of the funnel are lacking in relevant content and adjust the strategy to fill the gaps. Re-purposing existing content in new ways and creating new, original content when the opportunity arises.

 Competitor Review

An in-depth review of your competition, the content they are producing, how it’s being distributed and at what volume they are publishing. This provides valuable insight into the opportunities that exist in the eco-system, feeding directly into the production of your businesses content strategy.

Content Database

During our content inventory process, all categories of content are identified and mapped to buyer personas and funnel stages. As we isolate and identify each area, we store it all into a highly organized file system. This enables us to cross-reference old content and allows us to strategically re-purpose, refine and reduce duplication of quality content.

Step 4: Content Strategy

With the first three stages complete we now have a clear foundation to formulate a content strategy necessary to: Analyze, Create and Engage your online audience. This provides clairty as to the next steps in generating awareness, optimizing behaviour and driving overall acquisition. Key deliverables at this stage are team responsibilities, production capacity and an editorial calendar.

Content Strategy Formulation

The formulation of your content strategy began with the analysis of your business, the current industry landscape and your competitors. This is where we generate the foundation of your new content strategy. A major opportunity derived from this approach is the ability to identify multiple variables and contributors to it’s success.

 Personas Revisited

Personas help us better understand what each group of customers care about and allows us to create more relevant content that will inspire them. Whether the tone is academic or relaxed, we ensure that content voice is laser-targeted to the buyer persona for which it’s created.


Our content focuses on addressing real human interest as opposed to keywords. This allows the creative team to bring life to our content and provide interesting, compelling and diverse material that connects with our target customers. Expertly written, our original, content-rich material can impact your entire campaign in a meaningful way for both your business and customer.

Editorial Calendar

The content campaign is a long term, evolving project. The editorial calendar for each campaign is laid out over 3 months with week-by-week breakdowns.  You can review, comment or collaborate at will. Your feedback at this juncture helps to drive the ongoing growth in our returns.

 Why It Matters For Your Initiatives

The audience personas we develop and the online conversations we identify for your industry help us create compelling, shareable content that will help draw qualified traffic to your site and positively influence your position in search engine rankings.

Step 5: Content Production

With the team assembled and plans approved – production begins. As content is created, it’s published and analysis begins. User-centric content pays dividends it generates a loyal following that is cradled further through the funnel. Quality content requires focus and commitment to produce consistently and trusting the creative process is equally as important. Our team performs and brings their ‘A’ game to each piece of work that makes it to the finish line. We balance our determination with an insatiable curiosity for efficiency and delivery.

A content marketing campaign cannot sustain on blog posts alone. It demands diversified content types. Your campaign needs a plethora of communication methods to reach your entire audience. At Guild Media Group, we craft incredible and varied content that explores the curiosity of your target customer, creating the perfect conversion funnel.

Blog Posts

Your blog posts are the critical touchpoint between you and your customers; they are also a proven conduit to organic traffic. Your blog can serve as an informative resource, an educational portal or subjective. It’s not simply a matter of content, who are we talking to and what can we contribute?

‘Super’ Posts (aka Long-Form Content)

Content worth promoting. Super Posts are really big, really thorough content written to engage your target audience and get them to take action. They are a minimum 1,400 words of highly informative, detail oriented content that drive leads and generate new business.


Sweepstakes and giveaways are a great way to draw attention to your brand and drive sales. At Guild Media Group, we leverage the power of giveaways to promote a product launch, stimulate participation and to build communities.


Surveys are a valuable tool for gathering information to further define our personas. Using information gathered from surveys we can constantly make strategic pivots with all decisions in relation to the content strategy.


Infographics are a wildly powerful tool. We take meaty concepts or data sets and create a “visualization” that has enormous appeal to visual learners. Well designed infographics get shared, linked to, drive referral traffic, leads and revenue.


Micrographics are the smaller version of infographic and still pack a punch. As with infographics we develop the story, manage the production of the asset but more importantly spread them through our distribution channels.

Step 6: Distribution

Not all content should exist on-site. We identify key influencers and networks within the ripples of our content strategy and begin building strategies, ads, relationships and sponsored content. Partnerships start organically as mutually beneficial opportunity arise. The foundation for ongoing analysis and optimization is in place.


With knowledge of your industry and audience, we select the most appropriate paid promotion channels. With the right plan, we ensure that each piece of content reaches the intended audience. Based on budget and goal, we select only the most relevant channels for your brand.

Common forms of paid promotion include:

  • Online Influencers
  • Social Media Promotions & Advertisements
  • Pay Per Click Advertisements

Depending on your audience’s behavior, we employ varying targeting, copy, and bidding strategies. Paid content promotions are continually optimized with great scrutiny to reach their full potential in alignment with your goals. We monitor key data and results of paid promotions to enable rapid strategic releases.


Content initiatives demand organic distribution to gain traction and engagement with individual pieces of content. While every piece of content created will not receive paid promotion, each and every piece of your content is considered for distribution. The most common channels leveraged are:

  • Professional Groups
  • Social Media Groups
  • Content Aggregators
  • Content Submission Sites

Similarly to our paid promotion channel identification process, we carry out the same due diligence with organic content distribution. Appropriate and relevant sites are identified and then prioritized based on where your target audience spends their time online. 


Step 7: Reporting

No matter if it’s your goal to drive brand-awareness, create loyalty, or generate qualified leads, our skill-set in digital and clear business objectives, allows us to provide clear key performance indicators and monthly performance benchmarks.

A required step if we’re working on progressive optimization. Our reporting is critical for a number of reasons:

  • Empowering your staff with strategic information to contribute to business decisions
  • Provides monthly insight into digital performance
  • Minimum three actionable items out of each report