foundation of a house being laid, symbolic of seo in content marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Content Marketing is the Frame. SEO is the Foundation.

Every successful content marketing campaign is built with SEO in mind. Sound website performance, search engine rankings, and user experience are the foundation of all content marketing initiatives. During the onboarding process, Guild Media Group’s team does a thorough review of the site/web properties to ensure best practices have been utilized to guarantee search engine visibility and coherence. This also allows us to optimize user experience.

Proper assessment requires a thorough review of the digital eco-system of your industry—our team utilizes cutting-edge tools in order to analyze the query landscape, relevancy, as well as predict future market trends. SEO is the first critical step in our process to facilitate precise audience targeting throughout your entire sales funnel.

Technical SEO

Our full SEO audit provides a comprehensive snapshot of your website’s current standing online against your competition and their efforts.
Our approach includes three facets:

Technical Audit

Here we’ll review the technical features of your owned online properties to ensure optimum position with the resources available. We ensure search engines and other online tools can scan and index your site and from there provide you a score based on the 5 – 15 different signals we review.

Site Audit

In reviewing your property for all on-page ranking factors, we look for low hanging fruit and prioritize other opportunities that provide the best results possible from the search engines with expert keyword research and a targeted, strategic approach to keyword placement. This allows us to generate additional visibility in the search engines as well as to generate more leads and sales.

Content Audit

Businesses and their competitor’s have a big library of content, even if it’s not immediately obvious. We look both at your business’s content and a few competitors and set the remainder of the foundation for the content strategy.

Audits are crucial for content marketing initiatives; the content we create, optimize, and promote for your business depends is dependent on a solid foundation that can easily be crawled by search engines, is optimized for search engine visibility, and ultimately generates revenue.

Content Optimization

Optimization is a key in producing quality, authoritative content. Content performs at its best only when it’s engineered to do so and our content efforts are engineered and optimized to perform on three levels: search engines, social media sharing, and for user engagement.

  • Search Engines

    We carry over the same principles applied in our technical SEO audit to the optimization of each piece of content. With insight into what people search for identified in market research and analytics, we always implement content intelligently. Search engine optimization best practices are applied thoughtfully to created content.

  • Social Media

    Optimizing your social posts for sharing and distribution means so much more than having social share buttons on your blogs post. It means ensuring that each possible method of social sharing is optimized for each channel’s unique specifications demands. Shortening URLs, crafting branded and original imagery, and penning compelling short copy are just a few of the social media sharing & optimization efforts that we take to ensure impactful engagement.

  • User Engagement

    The overarching purpose of your content is to engage your brand’s target users. Recognizing that, Guild Media Group reviews and optimizes every piece of content created with the target user in mind. We run the optimization gamut- no matter if your ideal user demands specific content, sharing options, or other adaptations, we ensure we’re meeting their needs.

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