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Social Media

Experience Social Media success through highly-effective audience targeting and engaging, relevant content.

Social Media offers businesses a platform for powerful communication with past, present and future customers. It can be your greatest communication tool or a detrimental instrument of bad PR and poor consumer perception. Guild Media Group’s approach to social media campaigns is designed to your empower your brand and reach specific, predetermined goals. We look beyond simple KPI’s like follower count or applause rates and prefer to create real conversations that lead to conversion from social media.

Social media plays a role in at least one phase of your customers path to purchase. Our team maps out your buyer journey during the persona identification process, so we know exactly where and how to make the biggest impact on your revenue from activity on social media.

Organic Social Media

A consistent, engaging, and on-brand social media presence takes a great deal of time and even more attention. The majority of your business’ activities will be non-paid and organic in nature. As such, our attention is focused here first and foremost when creating a social media presence or revamping an existing one.

Our approach to social media typically follows the 80/20 rule: 80% informational, 20% promotional. By sharing consistent and relevant information to your target audience at the desired buying phase, we’re able to seamlessly guide prospects through the sales funnel to conversion. With the self-promotional content, we organically distribute and promote each piece in a variety of appropriate methods, decided on a case-by-case basis.

Content Distribution

One of the most commonly overlooked channels for distributing content are the ones you already own. Apart from the most obvious opportunities like Facebook, email lists and other outlets – you also have sales reps, service reps and other communities you can leverage that can quickly kick start the distribution of your content and help it to get some legs. Our team will work with you to strategize and execute on initial distribution campaigns customized to your unique business situation.

Content Promotion

Niche communities exist all over the web – we find the ones that relate to your business and the content we’re building. With quality content, this sharing is considered a contribution by the community, not a promotion. In addition, we work relentlessly to build our own communities across all social platforms. These communities were cultivated around an engaged and captive audience, who are ready and eager to consume world class content and share it with their connections and audience.

We build and nurture communities around dozens of verticals in the following areas:








Paid Social Media

Paid social media advertisements are the best method for reaching your target customer and capturing them as your brand’s audience. With our extensive research into your buyer’s journey, we’re able to hyper-target customers at the best phase on their path to purchase. Resulting in content engagement, consumption, and conversion. Our team at Guild Media Group works constantly within these platforms and understands the nuances that exist within each platform. We’ve carried out successful campaigns on each of the following platforms, and are exploring more every single day.

Facebook Advertisements

Sponsored Tweets

 Instagram Ads

Youtube Advertisements


 Reddit Ads

Outbrain Content

and more


Social Participation

It takes a team of trained eyes and a suite of tools to separate the conversations from the noise on social media. Furthermore, it takes experience to understand how to respond to and/or participate in conversations relevant to your business, and in some cases, your specific brand. Beyond conversations surrounding your business or product, social listening also allows you to effectively gather information on competitors, monitor customer preferences, and anything else relevant to your customers.

Through social participation, the team at Guild Media Group monitors and executes the following for our clients:

  • Prospect engagement throughout the purchase funnel
  • Existing customer interaction and repurchase engagement
  • Competitive activity and audience engagement
  • Trends and shifts in consumer preferences